Erotica by D.L. King

About D.L. King

     D. L. King lives somewhere between The Big Wheel at Coney Island and the Chrysler Building and has a passion for roasted chestnuts sold on the street—as long as they aren’t burnt.  When they are, (And this happens far too frequently!) the first thing that comes to mind is roasting some other nuts, you know the ones I mean... 
     She used to enjoy manipulating those surveys taken in school, remember, the ones that told you what career you’d be best suited to.  It was easy to get them to come out however you wanted.  If you wanted to be a brain surgeon, back in the fifth grade, lo and behold, the survey people would back you up and proclaim that “THIS PERSON HAS AN APPTITUDE FOR THE SCIENCES, AND MIGHT DO WELL IN MEDICINE.”  (Yep, I wanted to be a brain surgeon in the fifth grade.) 
     But most of the time D. L. King wanted to be a writer, and so most of the time the survey said, “THIS PERSON HAS AN APPTITUDE FOR LANGUAGE AND SHOULD CONSIDER GOING INTO WRITING.”  Of course, she didn’t grow up to be a writer—not until later in life when, upon sitting down at the computer, a novel spewed forth from busily typing fingertips, for no apparent reason. 
     Hey, not only was it a novel but, it was a very smutty novel—and it turned everyone on, well, at least those who read it, whether they professed an interest in the subject matter or not.  And they all, each and every one of them said, “How do YOU know about this stuff?”  Well, that’s neither here nor there, is it, and of very little interest in any case.
     The infamous novel, The Melinoe Project, was just the start.  And in case you want more after you finish it, there's a sequel, The Art of Melinoe. Hey, she's even working on a third. It's tentatively called A Slave of Melinoe
     D. L. King has published dozens of short stories and is the editor of several erotica anthologies, including the Lambda Literary Award Finalist, Where the Girls Are: Urban Lesbian Erotica and the Independent Publisher's Award Gold Medalist, Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica. Find them all on Current Work

D. L. King